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Monster Mash


SAVE THE DATE - Saturday 2nd November, 3 - 6pm. 


More information to come soon, it's going to be a community wide event with loads of fun for all ages. 

What is Monster Mash?

Monster Mash is a Halloween-themed fundraiser which Vauxhall School is famous for! It includes an amazing (and frightening!) haunted house, the lolly crypt, games and activities and food stands. The scale of Monster Mash changes from year to year, depending on whether it’s open to the school community only or if it’s opened up to the wider community. With no VEFA this year, it’s a great opportunity to make it a wider community event and try to raise funds from a larger pool of attendees. 

If you have any fundraising ideas, we are always keen to hear them!

Please contact Lesley-Anne Carey directly – 021 316 899 /