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Fundraising at Vauxhall School


The Friends of Vauxhall (FoV) are a fundraising and support network of dedicated parents helping
Vauxhall School connect with our community and deliver quality learning for our children.  

What we do

The FoV's objective is to fundraise and to organise enjoyable activities and events for the children and families of Vauxhall School. For many years now, the parent community has been highly successful in raising additional funds for Vauxhall School. Funds raised have gone towards extra learning assistants in classrooms to help keep student/teacher ratios low, new student and teacher equipment, sports equipment, building the school hall, heating the school pool, solar panels, ICT equipment, and more that our children today utilise and enjoy. 

Joining the FoV is a great way to become part of a fun and friendly team and to meet new people at the school. Even if you can only give an hour of your time every now and then, it is always appreciated and every child at the school benefits from the funds raised.

We generally hold our meetings  on school grounds. Dates and times are published in the school newsletter and online galendar.

Join our Facebook page - Friends of Vauxhall 

If you have any fundraising ideas, we are always keen to hear them!

Please contact Lisa Nicholas directly