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Fundraising at Vauxhall School

Fundraising is one way we can support the school to deliver quality facilities and resources for our children. The efforts of past parents benefit the children today with new playground and sports equipment and additional teaching help and resources. Participating is fundraising is a wonderful way to build community and for many parents, it's a fun and joyful way to make new friends and influence some of the great things that take place in our school.  


2022 Event Calendar

Whilst we had planned to deliver our biennial fundraiser, the Vauxhall Exhibition of Fine Arts (VEFA) this year, we are cognizant that with the restrictions on gatherings currently in place, delivering a large event presents significant challenges. This year we have scaled back our fundraising plans to enable a simple programme of activities to be delivered each term. 

We appreciate all the help and support you can provide in the delivery of these events and the raising of funds, and we welcome any feedback and offers of involvement. We have a fundraising target of $25,000 this year. 


Term 1

  • Pie Days: Order a Jesters pie or sausage roll from kindo for school lunches on the 4th & 8th week of term and the school gets a ‘piece of the pie’, so to speak! Weds 23rd of Feb & Weds 23 March. 
  • Vauxhall Bakers: The Totara Syndicate will be delivering a whole bake sale at the Devonport Market. All households will receive a cake box and be asked to deliver a decorated whole cake for sale on the morning of Saturday April 2nd. You will receive information with your cake box two weeks prior.  


Term 2

  • Personal Best: This is a new fundraiser that aims to encourage kids to set a physical challenge during term two. The challenge might be running around Devonport Domain a certain number of times, or climbing up Takarunga/Mount Victoria a certain number of times. This will be a great opportunity for children to set a goal and push themselves in the lead up to the school cross country. Funds will be gathered by students seeking sponsorship to meet their personal best. 
  • Vauxhall Bakers: The Kauri Syndicate will be delivering a whole bake sale at the Devonport Market on Saturday 4th June as per above. 
  • Pie Days: Weds 25 May & Weds 22 June.


Term 3

  • Pie Days: Weds 17 August & Weds 14 Sept 
  • Vauxhall Bakers: The Kōwhai Syndicate will be delivering a whole bake sale at the Devonport Market on Saturday 6 August. 
  • Readathon: The readathon is another personal challenge, this time encouraging students to read as much as they can, seeking sponsorship along the way. This fundraiser will likely be coupled with this year’s bookweek. Dates TBC. 
  • Movie night @ The Vic: Assuming we can get out in groups again, we hope to run a movie night for parents, caregivers and friends at The Vic in Devonport. Dates TBC. 


Term 4

  • Vauxhall Bakers: The Miro syndicate will be delivering a whole bake sale at the Devonport Market on Saturday 5th November. 
  • Pie Days: Weds 9 November & Weds 7th November. 
  • Halloween evening picnic & Spooky Disco: A whole school event to be run if we’ve emerged from the red light frame work Friday 28th October.  


Other ways to help...

There are additional ways you can help that will make a measurable difference to our school:

Purchasing items on kindo: We are selling off Vauxhall Centenary items for $5 each. This includes bucket hats, caps and tote bags. There are also super awesome bright doodle bags for sale for $10. Purchase these on Kindo. 

Donating extra cash, just because: For those who struggle to participate in fundraising activities and would prefer to simply donate some extra cash, you can do this on kindo! 

YUMMY Fruit Stickers: If you eat YUMMY apples and fruit, grab a sticker sheet from Shannon at the office and put the stickers on it. Once the sheet is full, give it back to Shannon. All the stickers get counted in September and they give us money to spend on sports equipment. Over the last few years this has resulted in an additional $620 spent on sports gear. 

New World Devonport Receipts: For those of you who shop at New World Devonport, write the school name on your reciept and drop it in the box opposite the Lotto counter and John Ashton donates a percentage of money spent. 


For any questions, concerns or suggestions, please email:

Toni van Tonder, Sally Scovell or Olivia Riggall - the 2022 Fundraising Leads. 

Join our Facebook page - Friends of Vauxhall 

If you have any fundraising ideas, we are always keen to hear them!

Please contact Lisa Nicholas directly